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Lost 83lbs in One Year!
Name: Robert Faulkner
Age: 44
Initial Weight Loss:63lbs within 6 months
Additional Weight Loss:20 Additional lbs lost in 4 months
Total Weight Loss In One Year:83lbs!!

My Story…

“I’m big-boned.” “I have a slow metabolism.” “My body type means I can’t lose weight.” I said those things and tried and failed to lose weight–you have, too. Working with Mike, however, changed my approach, changed my thought process, and most importantly, changed my results. He doesn’t accept your excuses, he doesn’t sugar coat his comments, and he doesn’t promise you an easy, quick transformation. But he DOES provide you the tools, training program, and “tough-love” approach necessary to get you to your goals.

I lost 63 pounds within 6 months and another 20 pounds in the 4 months following that–that’s over 80 pounds in under a year!–it wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always fun. But it was well worth it.

When people ask how much weight I lost, I would reply, “25 years.” At 44 years old, I reached a weight I hadn’t seen since age 19.

Again, it wasn’t always easy–but it was well worth the effort.

If you are looking to not only change your looks, but also to change your outlook, improve your health, and learn how to set and achieve long-term goals, then Mike Davies can definitely provide the help and guidance you seek. I recommend him to anyone!