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Youth Fitness Programs

Our children's health matters.

Teaching our youth the importance of proper exercise and nutrition is vital to maintaining their health! Encourage and inspire them to embrace fitness, physical activity and exercise!


Remember the entertainment options we had as youth? Our choices were to “go play outside”, or to “go play outside” … oh, and don’t come home until dinner is ready! The lifestyles of youth today have changed dramatically. With computers, television and computer games, youth are falling victim to sedentary lifestyle’s at an extremely young age. Along with sitting in front of a screen after school every day, comes snacking on sweet and salty munchies.

So when we hear about youth now, we hear the words “obesity”, “diabetes”, “heart disease” and on the flip side, “anorexia” and “bulimia”. Fitness has taken a backseat and our youth are victims of inactive, unhealthy and unmotivated lifestyles. All bad habits that follow them straight into adulthood! Would you like to see your kids up and moving?  Teaching our youth the importance of proper exercise and nutrition is vital to maintaining their health! Encourage and inspire them to embrace fitness, physical activity and exercise!!!  Healthy habits are developed at a young age.

The Fitness Factory has taken its unique training style and applied it to three different programs set up specifically with your child in mind! While incorporating agility movements for coordination, plyometrics, cardio-vascular training and some strength training techniques, we make it fun! The Fitness Factory Trainers are experienced in working with children youth of all ages… we will design a program to meet your child’s goals while showing him/her the proper techniques, safety precautions, and how to properly use exercise equipment.


Join our certified Fitness Factory trainers for our highly regarded Fitness Factory Youth Program:
Next Generation Training

Our total fitness programs are just what your youth need to build healthy muscles, joints and bones. With our expertly designed and supervised programs, your child can improve his or her endurance, fitness level, and sports performance. Being in shape plays a vital role in your child’s overall health! Keep your youth healthy and fit with THE FITNESS FACTORY!

Trevor Wykoff
Trevor Wykoff
Trent Davies
"Trent Davies, All Conference and All District Running Back from Buckeye Valley High School"
"RJ Hutchinson All OCC, All District from Westerville. Full Ride Scholarship to Fairmont State"
Andy Strutman
"Andy Strutman, Duquesne University All Conference Linebacker"
Joey Valazquez
Joey Valazquez, sophomore starter at DeSales High School and Committed to The Ohio State University for Baseball"
Daryian Davies
"Daryian Davies, 2x all conference, 2x all district, all state"
Joey Verdes
"Joey Verdes, All district Football Athlete at Buckeye Valley High School"
John Paolo
"John Paolo, All OCC from Olentangy Liberty. Also plays LAX"
Ed Warriner
"Ed Warriner, All Conference OCC and second team All State from Olentangy Liberty High School"


The “Next Generation” Training Systems is just that. It’s Mike Davies’ approach to teaching the next generation of athletes what it takes to be a champion and perform at the highest levels of any sport or any passion. Over the last 15 years Mike has developed a system of training that incorporates weight lifting, plyometric movements, agility movements and core conditioning coupled with nutritional guidance all geared toward performance. Mike’s “who’s the strongest the longest” approach to competition training both physically and mentally has taken athletes beyond what they thought possible.

Mike’s unique approach to training athletes has had great success in numerous athletic arenas. Known world wide for his work in the sport of Fitness and Figure, Mike boasts the most prolific team of Fitness and Figure athletes in the world today with over 100 professional and 300 amateur athletes world wide. The fitness enthusiasts are not the only ones seeking Mike’s help. Mike’s former and current clients include the following:

NBA Standouts: Gary Trent, Calvin Booth, Lawernce Fundeburke, and Micheal Redd
NFL Standouts: Lee Flowers, Johnie Johnson
All American Wrestlers: Adam Disabato, Keaton Anderson, and Tommy Rollins

All these athletes have excelled using Mike’s “who’s the strongest the longest” approach for competition training and nutrition.

Mike has been implementing his philosophy and training techniques with his own two sons ages 9 and 13. Both are excelling at sports and that success is spilling over into other aspects of their lives as well. When dealing with kids, not only is he focused on the physical aspect, but the mental and emotional aspects as well. Building confidence, self awareness, and self accountability all play a part in building a young athlete and preparing them to succeed.

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